Ayurveda Formulations

Sitophaladi churna: Ingredients, Method of Preparation, Benefits, Precautions

Sitophaladi churna is beneficial in colds, cough, asthma, migraine, headache, allergic rhinitis, gynaecological disorders..
Sitophaladi Churna is the most famous ayurveda preparation mainly used for cough and cold by many ayurveda physicians


Sitophaladi Churna is the most famous polyherbal ayurveda preparation mainly used for cough and cold by ayurveda physicians. It posses antihistaminic, antiallergic, antiasthmatic and soothing property.

Ingredients Latin Name Parts used Proportion
Shitophala/Rock Candy     16 part
Vamsha Lochan Bambusa arundinacea Manna 8 part
Pippla Piper longum Fruit 4 part
Ela Elettaria cardamomum Seed (Dried Fruit) 2 part
Twak/Dalchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum Dried Inner Bark 1 part

Method of preparation:

All the above ingredients are made into fine powder and mixed homogeneously,   then stored in an air-tight container.

3-6 gram twice a day with honey or according to the advice of ayurveda physician.

Benefits and Use of Sitophaladi churna:

  • Due to its kasaswashara it is used for alleviation of asthma and cough.
  • Due to its pratishayahara property it is used for the treatment of rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, atophic rhinitis (cold and allergies).
  • Due to its jwaraghna and dahahagna property, it is used in fever, generalized burning sensation of the body.
  • Sitophaladi churna is also a good broncho-dialator, so is good drug of choice for asthma.
  • Sitophaladi churna is also used in headache, sinusitis, migraine due to its cooling action.
  • Some pregnant ladies suffer from rhinitis and cough mainly due to hormonal imbalance, in such cases this can be a good drug of choice.
  • This is used in the treatment of non-infective leucorrhoea along with pushyanug churna in elder ladies. Such leucorrhoea are caused by the hormonal imbalance. So, shitophaladi churna may be helpful to cure various gynaecological disorders due to hormonal imbalance.
  • To increase its efficiency, this preparation is mixed with honey and garlic juice.


  • Use it under the advice of ayurveda physician.
  • Some people may notice burning sensation, abdominal discomfort, nausea. If so, consult to ayurveda physician nearby.
  • Preparation with abnormal odor, color and morphology should not be used as they may be contaminated by fungus and yeast.