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Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma

Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma
Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma


Leucoderma is characterized by the localized loss of pigmentation of the skin. The pigment inside the skin of the body is known as melanin, that imparts the blackish colour for the skin.
According to ayurveda, this is caused by some morbidity in the liver which results in the deficient production of pitta. These whitish patches of leucoderma often go without any physical trouble. It, however, creates a great deal of worry to the patient suffering from it because it disfigures him. The patient thus develops an inferiority complex. This disease is also hereditary. Therefore the marriage of the children of the patient suffering from this disease becomes a problem.  There is also a social stigma against this disease.  In ayurveda, it is considered as a type of kustha. Ayurveda has described most of the skin disease as kustha including leprosy.
At times these skin patches becomes reddish and small eruptions appear over them. They  cause considerable amount of itching which is followed by  watery exudation and burning sensation.
According to ayurveda, leucoderma appearing in the joint of skin and mucus membrane is difficult to cure. This disease is also difficult to be treated when it appears in old person.

Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma:

In ayurveda, disturbance of jatharagni means digestive system is regarded as the cause of all the disease. The disturbance in jatharagni results in the production of ama which cause imbalance in the doshas resulting to disease.
Similarly, ayurveda consider leucoderma to be caused by some disturbance in the digestion. People  suffering from chronic dysentery are more prone to be affected by this disease. Therefore, in the first instance steps are taken to correct the digestion and dysentery if any in the patient.

Arogyavardini vati is also the choice for this condition. It is given to the patient on a dose of four tablets three times a day (total of 12 tablets per day). The most important ingredient of this is katuki ( Picrorhiza kurroa ) . This drug stimulates the liver and corrects its impairment which helps in the cure of  leucoderma. It also contains copper in the form of bhasma. This metal helps in the metabolism and synthesis of melanin pigment.

Some Commonly Used Herbs for Leucoderma:

Kutaja(Holarrhena dntidysentrica) is the drug of choice in this condition. The bark of this plant is used in the form of powder in dose of one teaspoonful three times a day. Some other carminative and laxative can be given to the patient.

The other drug which is commonly used for Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma is bhallataka ( Semecarpus anacardium ). Ayurveda has described bhallataka as a poisonous plant so it should be purified before administering in the body. It is prepared in the form of linctus by adding some other medicines. This is given to the patient in a dose of one teaspoonful two times a day.  This medicine has some adverse effect on the body. These effects however can be prevented by taking suitable action well in advance. Before taking the linctus the inner mucus membrane should be covered with coating of ghee or butter. Care should be taken so that the linctus doesnot come into direct contact with the mucus membrane. Immediately after taking this medicine some milk may be given to the patient. While taking these medicine the patient should avoid  hot things and shouldnot expose expose himself to heat or sun rays. If in spite of all these precautions skin rashes appear, then pulp of raw coconut  should be given to the patient to be eaten. This eliminates all the toxic manifestation of the drug.
Bakuchi ( Psoralea corylifolia ) is very popularly used for Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma both in ayurveda and allopathy. A paste prepared from the seeds of this drug by triturating with water or cow’s urine, applied externally. The powder of this drug mixed with decoction of  khadira(Acacia catechu) and amalaki(Emblica officinalis) is given to the patient in a dose of  half teaspoonful twice daily. The oil prepared by boiling gunja (Abrus precatorious) is specific for the treatment of leucoderma.

Diet during  Ayurveda Treatment For Leucoderma

The patient shouldnot be given salt in any form. The more he avoids salt the quicker will be the action of this drug. If however, found essential rock salt can be given to the patient but in small quantity only. Spices and other pungent things should be avoided. Vegetables having bitter taste like bitter gourd and bitter variety of drumstick are useful.

Other regimens:

The patient should not expose himself to heat or sun in excess. Psychic factors are known to be responsible for the precipitation and aggravation of this disease. The patient should, therefore, try to keep himself free from worry, anxiety and other forms of mental strain. Remaining awake at night for long should be strictly avoided. Medicines suggested above work better if the patient is free from constipation.